Our biggest quest in life is identifying a personal dream and then fulfilling that dream, making it a reality and living it,” says keyboardist Carmen Rubino, who explores this universal journey on his debut album, Aquarian Dream.

Even though I want the music to have universal appeal and to serve each listener as a soundtrack for the journey they are on,” explains Rubino, “I also had certain distinct thoughts in mind when creating it. I was thinking of someone, born under the sign of Aquarius, which provided me a vision from their dream on September 24th 1976. On this day in time, life would be forever changed and would lead my spiritual journey. Where, many years later, I would discover the connection. The long awaited vision takes place in Kansas, right in the center of The United States, the heartland. It’s sort of like "Wizard of Oz". You may also capture Aquarian Dream, in great detail, from the movie: "Somewhere In Time".

Carmen has created a large-scale symphonic sound that captures elements of all of those genres. The music’s rich tapestry of auditory delights include piano and electronic keyboards as the primary instruments, but also a dazzling array of other sounds such as flute, harp, French horn, percussion, a large string section and the judicious use of birds, wind, thunder and crashing waves.

Improvising is my first step for composing. When I find a theme that I like, I start to explore it more thoroughly. Then in my studio I begin building upon it, arranging it and deciding what other forms of instrumentation would sound good developing that musical idea. I have recorded quite a variety of material, but I selected the music for Aquarian Dream because it fit together well and presents a consistent sound,” Carmen explains.

This music is about finding your place within your spiritual soul, your life, and a person to share your dream with. Along the way there will be trials and tribulations, but if you stay the course, you will be rewarded. The journey may take you clear across the country to a coast and an ocean, or even farther, to foreign lands, perhaps to some mystical places, but when you look up at the stars at night, you know you are on the right road.”

The Aquarian Dream album opens with a short prelude, “Transcendence,” because, as Carmen explains, “Wherever you start, you have to transcend that place and move on. Part of the journey is a spiritual quest.”

This leads to one of the album’s highlights, the nearly ten-minute “Infinite Hearts Desire,” with its multiple sections. “I wanted to give it an uplifting mood because desire has to do with passion, whatever it is you want – love, an accomplishment, a better or different life path.”

Carmen describes “Tears of Joy” as “one of those moments when it all comes together in your life and you are so happy that your emotions pour out and you can’t hold back the tears.”

Spirit of Our Reflection” is a slow, deep, emotional piece that captures being so close to one another that, “you see yourself in them and they see themselves in you.”

Perfect Harmony” represents a symbiotic state of being. The tranquil and mesmerizing sounds of nature, provide the perfect setting for one another.

Christmas Wish” Has the warmth of giving your heart, which can be found in the music. On Christmas morning a gift is unwrapped, from under the tree, inside a music box is revealed. The music box plays the bells of "Christmas Wish"

In Our Place” can be interpreted as a physical place or that special territory shared by one another. “A place that we created. A place that we can call our own.”

The romantic feelings continue on the track “How I Love You” I tried to musically depict the various emotions and feelings of love.” Carmen explains, 

Another major opus on the album is “Father,” which journeys through several moods and changes over the course of more than 12-minutes. “Father is also a tribute to a Kansas man who is very much loved by his family. May all the great memories, and traditions, continue and always be observed".

The spiritual aspect continues on the next track, “Sweet Angel Return,” which is about “the force that gives you guidance to find the place where you belong.”

The music of “Sacred Vows”, states Rubino, “is a promise to stay true to yourself, and to one another. A transformation takes place in the music, serving as confirmation of our destiny".

The recording ends with the majestic title track, "Aquarian Dream
,” containing more than 13-minutes of music that “sums up the journey, celebrates the dream and allows time to enjoy the fulfillment attained.”  "I wanted Aquarian Dream to serve as a potential catalyst to encourage the listener to dream a vision for their life and future, to help interpret that dream, and then be available as the musical backdrop for this journey of life".


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