1. Aquarian Dream

From the recording Aquarian Dream

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Well dear reader and listener, we are at the final signpost of our journey and our
walk along the path way of life and love with Carmen Rubino draws to a close, but
the artist still has one more rabbit to pull from his musical magicians hat and what
better way to end an album than with another symphonic moment of outstanding
natural beauty.
This composition is over thirteen minutes long and guaranteed to leave you with a
tear in your eye and a longing in your heart to hear this album once again and to
allow yourself to find out more about this quite incredible musician. The track its self,
seems to me to sum up the whole album in one movement, it is of course Aquarian
Dream. This is a beautifully and thoughtfully performed reflection on our journey
dear reader and listener.
Aquarian Dream by Carmen Rubino is one of those rare albums that just does not
come around too often, it is a creation created by a musical genius, it is an album
that touches the heart and soul of your very being and it is an album you need to
have in your collection as quick as you possibly can, I could not recommend it higher. - (From a review by Steve Sheppard)