1. Father

From the recording Aquarian Dream

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Now dear reader it feels like we have been pulled back in time with the track, or
should I say opus called Father. At just over an amazing twelve minutes this quite
incredible symphony has many twists and turns contained within. I would advise you
to listen to this composition many times in order to get the most out of all the subtle
and not so subtle nuances in this composition. Father as a track has a deeply moving
narrative that seems to take you on a musical journey through the life of a man and his struggles and successes through life. Some of us have been there, but we will all
at some stage be there, now thanks to Carmen Rubino you have the perfect musical
opus to use as a soundtrack, he weaves a musical carpet of many mood changes to
keep you completely enthralled in this spectacular track. - (From a review by Steve Sheppard)