From the recording Aquarian Dream

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Steve Sheppard
Never before have I listened to such a powerful and deeply moving start to an album as Aquarian Dream by Carmen Rubino, the synth work in the first track Transcendence is almost 2002 in style, the sheer emotion and determination in the composition is outstanding in its brilliance. It moves us seamlessly into the next piece called Infinite Hearts Desire. The intensity is still here, but even more musical genius is drawn to our well of listening, the piano and symphonic constructions add a real depth of passion. The track is just short of ten minutes long and Rubino, not a stranger to one of my favourite genres of music Progressive Rock, creates a completely stunning performance, as he pulls back and lets this tide of a track build under its own momentum, with segments of rest, reflection and determination.

This is two tracks on the physical CD. However, for the benefit of a better listening experience, the tracks are packaged together, because one song, blend right into the other.